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Dear HI-TEC family

In light of recent events in SA, all our stores have been closed for the safety of our customers and staff. The following stores will open from 14 July: Kuilsriver Accesspark (Cape Town) Montague Gardens (Cape Town) Stellenbosch-Eastpoint Mall (Johannesburg) Kolonnade (Pretoria) Boundary (Johannesburg) East London The below stores will remain closed until further notice: […]

Freedom Shared

INTRODUCING A RE-IMAGINED HI-TEC® SNEAKER TO CELEBRATE LATE PRESIDENT MANDELA AND SUPPORT THE NELSON MANDELA CHILDREN'S FUND. HI-TEC® is proud to announce the launch of the Freedom Shared campaign. With this campaign and the release of the HI-TEC® Freedom 67s sneaker, the London-born heritage brand pays tribute to South Africa’s late president, his long walk […]

Change your Environment, Change your Headspace

I find a weekend away to be the ultimate catalyst for shaking off the hustle of city life and getting back to my roots as a photographer. Between Swellendam and Barrydale, there’s a little village called Suurbraak with an amazing off the grid community filled with permanent residents and a few AirBnb units. This lesser […]

How to Layer up for a Warmer Winter

South Africa's winter is as varied as her staggering landscapes. Depending on where adventure takes you, there could be sweet sunshine, sleet, snow, or unrelenting rain. Happy - and cosy - hiking is all about effective layering. Melanie van Zyl compiled this guide to coating up for the elemental outside. What's with Layering? There's that […]

The South African Freestyle Football Championship 2021

Credit: Quaid Jones The South African Freestyle Championship returns to Goal South Africa in 2021. The World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) has revealed the date for the 2021 South African Football Freestyle Championships and we are proud to be associated as title sponsors for the 3rd year running. Hi-Tec SA is determined to shed light […]

Joslin Abrahams - Jos van die Bos

Inspiring Real Adventures Joslin lived in the forest without electricity or running water until she was 18 years old. She loved growing up in the wild. She loved climbing trees, listening to the sounds of the forest, looking at the stars at night and listening to her family’s stories by the fireside in the evenings. […]

Samuel Shambare: Crashing with the rhinos

Samuel Shambare grew up riding bareback donkeys in rural Zimbabwe where he was in charge of guarding his family’s corn fields from wild animals. This is where he first learned to track. That kid in Zim had no idea where riding donkeys can take a person.

Xander de Beer - Hooked on a feeling

Inspiring Real Adventures Xander didn’t actually plan on quitting his job that day. Sure, he’s thought about it, like everyone does. His wife certainly didn’t think he would do it. But when he had yet another ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years’ meeting at the financial firm, he knew the answer wasn’t at […]

The Call of the Wild: Liezel and Queen

Inspiring Real Adventures It’s one thing when your work days start before sunrise. It’s another altogether when you are face to face with elephants within minutes of punching the clock. Very few people want to or get to call the bush their office, but these two ladies are forging a career for themselves as guides […]

Xolani Lawo: The Penguin Whisperer

Inspiring Real Adventures Watching Xolani Lawo talk to penguins is like seeing a kindergarten teacher talk to a bunch of mischievous 4 year olds: sweet, persuasive and strict. And for some reason they appear to know what he’s saying. Everyone gets a name, must finish their meal, do their exercises, be nice to each other, […]

Finding Balance: Nicole Wyngaard

Inspiring Real Adventures Nicole Wyngaard’s day seems to have more hours than the normal 24. With a full-time job, full-time side-hustle and an overactive biweekly hiking group to run, she still manages to be a functioning sociable human on the side too.  Life hasn’t dealt her an easy hand, but this lady knows how to […]

The Bard: Gerald James Clark

Inspiring Real Adventures Gerald Clark is that rare breed - the singer-songwriter. A life of touring and performing has seen him travel all the paths. It is a life crafted to spend as much time as possible taking in the great outdoors. Gerald’s lifelong love affair with the blues has gifted him an extraordinary ability […]

The Good Machine: Gita Amber Carroll

Inspiring Real Adventures “People and planet are hurting and need healing”, says Gita when asked about why she does it. It is a big task for a girl from Hopefield. One of the hardest parts of creating a positive impact is getting businesses and individuals to make the conscious decision to help their communities. Gita […]


The overall feel I have of the LEO Collection is, it’s really comfortable and light so you can move without any worries that anything will rip or hurt you. Bonus, it's beautiful so you will look fab while working out.

Saving Adventure

4:30am. Myself and my wife are waiting at a petrol station for our convoy to take us on a de-snaring mission in the Greater Kruger area of Limpopo.

HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor – A Festival for All Outdoors Enthusiasts

Celebrate the great outdoors in the Western Cape’s most popular sea-side town, Hermanus, this April. Join HI-TEC as they combine with the Walker Bay Outdoor to host a long weekend of mountain biking, trail running, triathlons, open water swims, cliff jumps and the exhilarating HI-TEC Dash4Cash. The weekend is set to become South Africa’s most […]

World Recycling Day: Beach Clean Up

We wish it was recycling day everyday, but we’re pretty happy to have environmental holidays as a reminder that kicks everybody into gear - hopefully sustainably so. As we celebrate world recycling day today, we excitedly finalise the relaunch of our Beach Clean Events in April 2021.

Why Walking is the Great Adventure

There were teenagers on bikes, and moms with young kids, an older couple with their new puppy and even a dad on a skateboard this morning. And there was Nik, who I hadn’t seen in, literally years. Or was it Nik? I couldn’t quite tell from the mutli-colour mask he was wearing. As I rounded the corner the ever inquisitive 5 year old Thando with his endless questions about my adventures, strolled into view with his dad.

Synthetic vs Down fibres, which is best?

As winter tightens her icy grip around South Africa, you’ll be seeing more and more puffer jackets in your 6-9am exercise window. While they may all seem pretty similar at first glance, their performance, price and planet-friendliness is heavily dependent on whether they’re filled with DOWN or SYNTHETIC fibres. Read on for the pros and cons of each…

How to Take Your Bucket List to Another Level of Awesome

Like everyone, I have my fair share of awesome places I’d love to go and many outdoor goals to achieve before any ‘bucketing kicking’ kicks in.

Hidden Gems: Discover Off the Beaten Track Nature Reserves in the Western Cape

Hidden amongst the mountains and rare flowers of the Fynbos biome— found only in the Cape — there are a number of unique reserves offered by CapeNature. These are places where you can hit the reset button, relax in comfort and reconnect with the wild.

Underground Explorer

Bones is intimidatingly cool. She’s wanted to be an archaeologist from before she could pronounce the word, and has navigated her way through some tricky spots to get to where she is today. In life as well as physically: she was part of the Underground Astronauts in the Rising Star Project – the famous group of ladies who dug up the bones of Homo Naledi. The hole in the ground she had to fit through was 18cm wide.

The man who speaks to birds

Themba Mtembu knows everyone. And everyone likes Themba. But when you meet him the reason is obvious – it’s because Themba has a true and genuine compassion. He cares about the communities in need, he cares about the populations of wildlife, he cares about the relationship between tourism and conservation, but above all, Themba genuinely loves birds.

The diplomat of the Drakensberg

One of the hardest parts of the conservation game is where nature and humanity collide. Joyce manages these buffer zones not just between the communities and our incredible sites, but between countries as well.

Speaking for the ancestors

Johannes Masalesa is an exceptionally passionate field ranger in the Mapungubwe National Park. Here in the most northern part of South Africa, where our borders meet with Zimbabwe and Botswana, lies one of Africa’s marvels. Johannes is from the area. He is a direct descendant of the ancient Kingdom of Mapungubwe, and tells the (not quite) lost stories and history as told to him by his parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Without him our knowledge of this place would be so much poorer, and a lot more academically boring.

Oom Jan Fourie: The man with all the keys

Oom Jan didn’t intend to become a Heritage Hero. His plan was to move to Parys and enjoy retirement after working in education most of his life. Little did he know that one of his greatest legacies would only start after retirement.

Guide to the ancient ways

The word Kalahari means ‘the great thirst’. Kgalagadi, as it is commonly known these days, means ‘a waterless place’. Not everyone can survive here. This is a place for people who can handle the unforgiving heat, the barrenness, and the extremes. And yet, the ǂKhomani San Bushmen have lived here for thousands of years. They are an ancient tribe of trackers, tracers, hunters and gatherers – arguably the oldest race of humans still around.

Genesis of Life

Here among the ancient rocks where we can read the tale of how the earth itself began, Nico Oosthuizen and Mark Ngwenyama have been the driving force behind the application to have the Makhonjwa Mouintains declared a World Heritage site.


Amelia’s first time in a conservation area was when she was 18 weeks old. That’s only start-rolling-over-age, but Rupert feels that the younger you get them out there, the better. These days the Cederberg is her favourite place to hang out. Having a dad who knows the names of all the plants obviously helps.

Tokyo is kwaai KAWAII!

Spoiler Alert: this article contains information regarding the awesomeness that is Tokyo. When considering a visit to Tokyo, I strongly recommend that you make sure you have a child/dog/delicious monster et al waiting for you back home, since the temptation not to return may get the better of you.

Safety Gear on the Trail

Preparation for any multi-day trail is very different from just a simple day walk. There needs to be a lot more thought and calculation about the amount of gear that is required to keep you as safe as possible over a longer period of time. It's best to have a checklist of items you will need to take with you so that you don't forget something vital for your safety when you in the middle of the mountains with help a long way away.

Be The Difference

In 2021, Hi-Tec has proudly partnered with an extraordinary organisation, the Be The Difference Foundation (BTDF). The BTDF is a non-profit aimed to empower the lives of South African children through education, nutrition and sport.  

How to care for your Hiking Boots

Purchasing hiking boots can become a very expensive exercise, and many times we are focused on keeping our boots looking clean and sharp for everyday use rather than ensuring that we gain the longest wear out of them for our outdoor adventures. We sat down with Chris De Bruyn, avid hiker and hiking shoe expert for a few tips to make sure your hiking boots are well prepared for what mother nature throws at you

10 ways solo female adventurers can travel better

Being both a photographer and a writer I’m often sent on assignment by myself, but many people are choosing to travel alone – and not for work. According to an online trends analysis, ‘Google searches for “solo travel” and “travel alone” were at the highest they've ever been in January of this year’. I’ve been […]

7 reasons why Simonstown is Cape Town’s coolest hood

Quaint, quirky Simonstown has beaches, bugles and bric a brac galore...It’s easy to find too: just hop on the train and don’t get off till the last stop! Find treasure at the Scratch Patch It goes without saying that the kids will love scrabbling on their hands and knees for semi-precious gems, but what’s surprising […]

7 Hiking Safety Tips

Thousands of people traverse the Western Cape’s mountains daily and the vast majority make it home safely. Unfortunately, there are a few incidents that keep our mountain rescuers busy, but while there are always risks in every endeavour, some forethought and planning will help to keep you safe.

How to prepare for one of the Drakensberg's toughest hikes

The Mnweni Valley is rated a glorious introduction to the sweeping passes of the Drakensberg mountains, but it is also one of the most challenging hikes around.

Understanding Waterproof Ratings

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Harpoon Reimagined: Garth Wareley

We collaborated with local visual artist @awehmigo to reimagine our heritage logo. His style can be describes as a natural fantasy world utilising an original character and letter style based in grafitti.

Harpoon Reimagined: Elléna Lourens

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Live. Travel. Trail. with Blake Dyason

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Light Hikers — Shoes for Trail & Town

What is the perfect shoe for daily errands around town and a quick adventure on the trail close to home? They are out there, let’s take a closer look.

Navigating #plasticfreejuly With The Hi-Tec FlenLi Puffer Jacket

It's been a few years since the puffer jacket entered mainstream fashion again, but there's been a crucial change to this popular travel must-have.

7 ways to indulge your adventurous side at home

The monotony of lockdown is probably starting to get to you. Having zoomed everyone and their ouma, zapped loaves upon loaves of banana bread into the oven and zombied out on Netflix, maybe it's time you zeroed in on keeping the flame of wanderlust alive.

Nature Might Be The Cure for Digital Fatigue

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified burnout as a ‘syndrome’. Burnout is caused by immense workplace stress that has not been managed well. It can cause emotional, mental and physical exhaustion, as well as reduce your productivity. This led us to contemplate our self-care practices, fitness and the importance of unplugging from things that can cause stress.

Nelson Mandela's shoes are back in SA

Nelson Mandela’s blue and white Hi-Tec tennis trainers have made its way home from Amsterdam to the Hi-Tec concept store in Church Street, Stellenbosch.

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