I love walking and hiking so I’m always looking for something comfortable to wear, but also stylish.  When putting on this LEO collection I really did feel extraordinary, the print makes me stand out and feel funky fresh. 

It’s such a fun print especially for me living in Joburg, the largest man-made urban forest in the world. When I heard it was locally made in Cape Town I was already super excited, I love local and knowing that I’m wearing something that is made by a South African, makes me feel really proud. 

The fabric is imported from Brazil which almost makes it more special because it feels like you are supporting local but also getting a taste of Brazil: à moda. The tights are really comfortable and fully breathable. It’s hard to get tights that support your bottom, but I really did feel like these gave me firm support.   

The sports bra that matches is so comfortable, it almost felt like I wasn’t wearing a bra, but in the best possible way. It gave me the support without it being too tight… You know when you put on your sports bra or take it off it almost hurts, well this time it was just like – whoop there it is! The fabric is quick drying so it’s almost like you didn’t even workout.  

The black top for me is so beautiful, it adds such feminine qualities. Normally a black top is plain but this one has beautiful details that I really liked and felt good in. It’s also so light and stretchy which is nice because you can move around freely without being restricted. 

The overall feel I have of the LEO Collection is, it’s really comfortable and light so you can move without any worries that anything will rip or hurt you. Bonus, it’s beautiful so you will look fab while working out. 

By Mila Guy 

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