Old Puffer Out, New Puffer In

When you throw out your old jacket, jeans or shoes, have you ever wondered what happens to them? Each year millions of tonnes of clothes are produced, worn, and thrown away. According to the Ellen McArthur Foundation, every second, the equivalent of a truckload of clothes is burnt or buried in a landfill. There is still much that needs to be done globally to make fashion more circular.

What is circular fashion?

“A circular fashion industry is defined as a regenerative system in which garments are circulated for as long as their maximum value is retained, and then returned safely to the biosphere when they are no longer of use (Motif)”.

Small actions for big change

As governments, industries and brands become more environmentally aware; here are a few small changes we can adopt to help make this goal a reality.

  • Upcycle, and transform old jackets, shorts, and t-shirts into re-imagined designs.
  • Recycle, is perhaps the most trusted method when it comes to sustainability.
  • Shop conscious by choosing products made from safe and recycled, or renewable inputs.

HI-TEC South Africa’s Old Puffer Out, New Puffer In campaign is an initiative that hopes to make a conscious contribution, even if small, to help close the loop.

This April, HI-TEC is giving back with your help. By donating your old puffer jacket at selected HI-TEC stores, you’ll receive R300 OFF** your next puffer jacket purchase. You recycle, we re-gift. All puffers will be donated to a HI-TEC charity initiative to help those in more underprivileged communities stay warm this winter.

We urge you to chat with our friendly staff for more information.

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