A Curious Mind, a Good Pair of Shoes and Good Company.

I once spent 30 days without a shower.
I once lived off peanut butter for a week.
I’ve lived out of a backpack for years…

These are generally how many of my stories go. After spending years in various corners of the world, Covid swiftly put an end (hopefully temporarily) to that.

I’ve trekked The Andes, The Rockies, The Himalayas, climbed El Cap, slept under Sahara stars and swam on The Steppe. Even Sailed Oceans.

And now, my best times are spent on the slopes of Hoerikwaggo or Table Mountain above Camissa or Cape Town with some of my oldest friends and sometimes new ones either before or after work. Or, even during.


My usual shoe choice is to roll with a more neutral, black option, but the turquoise colour of these Hi-Tec V-Lite Trail Shoe is lovely. Bright, and happy. Just how I feel when I’m adventuring on the slopes of a mountain range.

The padding around the heel of the shoe makes my feet feel supported, and the drawstring laces make them super easy to put on and adjust. I love that I was given a pair of regular tying laces as well, in case I do ever want to change the laces.

The shoe has great grip while hiking and scrambling up rocks: no slips or slides while wearing them up and down India Venster. An added bonus – my toes hurt a bit when going downhill in hiking boots but this didn’t happen in the Hi-Tecs!


There’s a peace in those rocks. I find it somewhat strange to have a bustling city in one direction, and unique biosphere in the other.

I’ve fallen in love with this mountain, as generations before me have. I’ve fallen in love on this mountain.

What stories could it tell?

We all climb mountains for various reasons, whether it’s training, escape, education, I don’t know. Maybe you don’t need a reason. Maybe, you just don’t like mountains.


As far as I’m concerned, all one ever needs is a curious mind, a good pair of shoes and good company.

The mountain can give you, and satisfy, the rest.

Written by: Ryan Jacobs

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