5 adventurers went on a trip to Cullinan and explored the outdoors.

I’ve always been a fan of the outdoors and being able to create content about nature and the wonders of the South African landscapes warms the heart and makes it so much more worthwhile.

Hi-Tec had approached me to be part of their brand new OUTVENTURES weekender campaign which entailed collaborating with a formidable outdoor brand that offers a great product, choosing an outdoor space to enjoy for a weekend, and inviting a few of my content creator buddies to join on this trip! The brief mentioned, “be yourselves, get creative and enjoy nature in our Hi-Tec gear”, and we decided to do just that.

This consisted of the following: myself, Dineo who I’d like to say is a world traveller, content creator, and self-proclaimed waterfall chaser. Nelly, also joined the trip and she is an avid adventurer who is passionate about hiking and the beautiful landscapes that South Africa has to offer. Sibonelo, who brings the energy is a natural-born explorer that enjoys scuba diving, hiking, and cycling. Meryl, adrenaline is her middle name, and her curiosity for learning about how living organisms work has brought her closer to nature, and last but not least, Nokulunga, a Chartered accountant by profession, finds peace when she is outside of the city, closer to nature.

Great friendship, fellowship and appreciation for the outdoors was formed over our #OUTVENTURE weekend and as a group, we found our Hi-Tec gear to be very comfortable, stylish and suited for the occasion, as much as a tackling trails are important, so is having the correct gear, especially in cold and wet temperatures. We also went on a game drive to test out our jackets which did not disappoint, The Men’s Hydro, Ladies Neva,  Ladies Hydro Rain Jacket, and Fleeces kept us warm throughout the game drive as the open vehicle moved through the reserve. The comfort and warmth made it even more exciting on the game drive, especially when we got to see some of the beautiful wildlife.

Great people, great gear. OUTVENTURES did not disappoint.

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