If there is one thing, I could go back to teach my younger self, is that the outdoors is one of the best playgrounds anyone could ask for. This is 100% true to who I am today and how I have made sure to work “playing in the outdoors” as part of my everyday life.

 My name is Mike Eloff, and I am not only a professional photographer and content creator for some of the biggest brands in the world, but I’ve got a huge passion for trail running, because there really isn’t anything better than running in nature, with the sound of grit and gravel crunching under my feet, birds chirping and the epic views I get to see almost daily.

The gear I chose to run in during the Walker Bay Outdoor weekend in Hermanus, was some of Hi-Tec’s running gear, which was not only comfortable but most importantly, breathable too because oh boy was it hot on the trails.

I’ll start with the Trail Tee because that is always an important part of my trail gear. Nobody ever wants chafed nipples or a shirt that is going to absorb sweat and weigh you down during a race, so this Tee gets a double stamp of approval because it passed both those important tests.

To be honest, the shorts I wear also plays a huge part in my run because they need to be comfortable, breathable, and be able to store some energy gels in easy-to-access pockets. The Men’s 2-1 Trail Short was GREAT!! It has inner tights sewn right into the shorts made of 4-way stretch fabric giving me that extra support and agility I needed climbing some of the big mountains around Hermanus.

When it comes to shoes, I am the most fussy person out there and they need to be perfect for my feet or I will not wear them, so after using the Hi-Tec GEO Contour, I can honestly say these are going to be packed with me whenever I head out into the mountains for all my future photo missions. They are comfy, and extremely durable on some of the technical terrains we have here in Cape Town, and they grip the rocks like glue.

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