Trail Ready Gear, for Trail Running Crew.

Cape Town is well known for having beautiful beaches and the ocean right on our doorstep, but we are also blessed with the mountain and the many trails available. Something else our city is known for is having four seasons in one, so when venturing outdoors for a walk or run it is best to be prepared.

Sunrise trail runs on the mountain, with a backdrop of the city, is hard to beat. We have found it’s even more memorable when you’re with your run crew. Bevan recently took fellow crew members Lee Anne, Bianca, and Deidre for a winter sunrise excursion along Oppelskop.

The ladies didn’t feel the winter chill during the hike up in the dark thanks to Hi-tec’s Leo Camo Long tights, Flen II and Neva jackets, Cushion socks, and Ribbed/Marled beanie. Once on the contour path, with Bevan leading the run, the lilac LEO tank top kept all three ladies cool thanks to the mountain air flowing through. Men’s shorts on a trail run even in rainy conditions is not uncommon to see, so the Trail 2-1 shorts gave Bevan the perfect balance of performance and comfort. The Tech ¼ fleece was perfect coming up but was soon replaced with just the Trail Tee once the running started. The Delta cap also did not stay long, being blown away up on the mountain thanks to pockets of wind.

The highlight of the morning was reaching the Oppelskop Ruins, and watching the city wake up, all while sharing laughs. The descent down was much quicker, but this could be because coffee and breakfast were very much needed.

In all, thanks to the warmth of great apparel and the warmth of laughter with great friends, it was a morning to remember.

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