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Hi-Tec’s selection of clothing & accessories for Golf & Tennis enthusiasts.

At the beginning of the year, thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions – it’s time to take on a new active sport that will improve one’s health. Every activity has a dress code and the key to achieving this code is in the pieces that are both fashion-forward and functional at the same time. If you’re ready to leave your treadmill behind and start hitting the tennis court or golf course, you may wonder what you really need to get you going. 

We have got you covered in the active wear department. From seasoned golfers and tennis players to beginners alike, here’s everything you need to get the best out of each swing! This brand delivers an extensive line of performance apparel, accessories, and footwear for both men and women.

Finding the right comfortable, supportive, and stable shoe is essential when you are on a Golf course. Whether you are leisurely round or an intense competition, Our Tee-Bird golf shoe enables you to master the green field by keeping you grounded and focused. This shoe features the Dri-TEC+ waterproof membrane and water repellent technology that ensures that your feet are dry and protected, it is also designed with comfort and swing stabilizing practicality that one would require to play your best golf.

A good tennis shoe is not a one-size-fits-all item, you need to have shoes that are durable, provides maximum support and stability allowing you to maximal movement when you are on the court like  the   Flash Court. It offers plentiful cushioning, and comfort making it a great shoe for somebody who plays all court and wants to feel light on their feet.

Now more than ever, Polo’s are becoming more athletic, sophisticated, and versatile. These men Vetis Polo and ladies Performance Polo are a must have! They provide unrestricted movement, are lightweight, quick-drying and breathable to ensure you stay cool and dry during those intense swings or when you are off the course/court.

If you are increasingly on the go and want to make your workouts a reality, equipping yourself with a “gym” bag is vital. The Active 40L Holdall bag has a main compartment with plenty of space to help you pack everything you need for your next gym season, also it including the small zip packet that ensures essentials like keys are secured.

Whether you are on the tennis court or on the golf course the Geo Visor are a must-have accessory to protect yourself from the sun! Available in an array of colours this lightweight sporty cap features an adjustable strap that ensures maximum comfort and offers a convenient way to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors.

The Cushion Lip Sock for ladies & Cushion Sport Sock for Men designed to discreetly dress your toes in comfort! Whether you are running on the tennis court or walking 18 holes on a weekend, these socks feature low cut cushion and extra padding for toe protection and keeps you dry and supported to enable you to focus on your swing!

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