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World Recycling Day 18 March is recognised as a demonstration of support for our environment, and now more than ever, everyone has the responsibility to protect the planet.

The adoption of sustainable apparel made with environmentally friendly practices is on the rise. People are increasingly making more environmentally conscious choices when it comes to their wardrobe purchases; more people want to know where garments are made, what materials are used and how production thereof impacts the environment.

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, you are going to need suitable clothing. Hi-Tec is on a journey to do better by creating ethical and sustainable outdoor wear, so you can enjoy the great outdoors knowing your gear is not contributing to the exploitation of the planet and its inhabitants.

One renewable fiber that is increasingly making its way to people’s closets for good is Repreve. This 100% recycled polyester fiber, Repreve is made from sustainably sourced post-consumer plastic water bottles. Using recycled instead of virgin polyester produces fewer emissions and gives plastic bottles a second life which keeps them out of oceans and landfills. Another benefit of Repreve is that its water-repellant, strong and resilient, stretchy, wrinkle-resistant, and lightweight.

Puffer Jackets With Recycled Polyester

As the winter months near you may have put off shopping for a new jacket until the last minute, well you still have time to find the perfect one. Puffer jackets are a classic style that can be worn for any outdoors adventures or day-to-day activities and have certainly found a moment in the spotlight in recent years   a must-have for everyone.

For those looking for a sustainable take on the on-trend outerwear style, Hi-Tec offers a selection of recycled puffer jackets made with Repreve recycled fiber to help you make a more sustainable choice.

The cold temperatures will not keep you down with the iconic and sustainable Hi-Tec Mens Novara II puffer jacket. This puffer jacket is made using Thermo-Tec technology for exceptional warmth and versatility in cold weather conditions. As part of Hi-Tec’s journey to produce more sustainable outdoor gear, this style has a filling made from 140g/m2 recycled polyester. The Novara II is also perfect for those night time adventurers as it features a reflective element ensuring that you are visible during night time.

Soft and easy to layer, the Hi-Tec Women’s Neva puffer jacket is this season’s womenswear staple. The quilted puffer jacket comprises 130-gram recyclable polyester fill making this ladies jacket lightweight yet warm and eco-friendly. It compresses tightly allowing easy storage at home or in a bag on a light walk and hike. It also features a durable SBS full-length zip and deep zipped pockets. The Neva II is easy to wash and dries in damp rainy conditions as the polyester fibres absorb very little moisture.

Each of the above puffer jackets consists of 26 recycled water bottles to fill the jackets and also features labelling on the inside indicating product content information .

Eco-Friendly Hiking Boots

Sustainable hiking consists of many elements that can contribute to minimizing the environmental impact, such as:

  • Avoid carrying single-use plastic bottles and meal containers,
  • Use non-toxic insect repellents and sunscreen
  • Carrying pre-cooked meals
  • Use eco-friendly hiking gear and boots

Footwear is one of the final frontiers, being notoriously finicky and rife with tons of unsustainable materials. Finding a good pair of lasting sustainable hiking bootssimply isn’t as easy as snagging a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses.

Sustainable hiking shoes are made with materials and manufacturing processes that are designed to minimize their environmental impact.

Hikers expose themselves to nature and the environment more than others on earth and Hi-Tec has created more sustainable outdoor gear.

More exploration and less environmental impact, the Hi-Tec Women’s V-Lite Psych W will help you feel good from the inside out when you hit the trail. This waterproof style with Dri-Tec technology keeps your feet dry during challenging weather conditions. It features a protective toe cap and rear heel stability cradle enhancing durability and providing long-term support. The V-Lite Psych has a lightweight compression-moulded EVA midsole that makes your step as comfortable as possible. The rubber outsole helps with superior traction and it’s also available in a male style, Hi-Tec V-Lite Psych Mid WP.

It’s important to consider the material an item of clothing is made from when making buying decisions. Products made from recycled materials such as recycled polyester, nylon or cotton are usually the most sustainable choice. Using recycled materials lessens the need to extract raw materials. Recycled materials also require less energy and water in the manufacturing process.

With the aim to achieve a more sustainable future, Hi-Tec is launching their Hi-Tec One initiative which highlights the importance of protecting the planet by identifying ways to reduce carbon footprint and enjoying eco-friendly activities. There’s only one planet, earth, sky, ocean, nature and as people Hi-Tec believes we all have a responsibility to make eco-friendly choices. Wear the change you want to see and make an impact on the environment by being mindful when making choices.

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