Looking for the right shoe to start my journey as a Diabetic Amputee

Salih Hendricks 

My journey started 39 years back diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic after looking well after myself through the years. Diabetes was an issue that had always been on my mind and my fears came true in late 2019 as I began suffering leg pains. I went on to find out that the veins in my legs were damaged and the blood flow was poor, my right leg became infected over time and I had to have an amputation on the 19 October 2020.

The process of rehab began in November 2020 and I was fitted with a prosthetic leg and had strengthening done to my stump in 2021. At the time, I was using a normal sport shoe but a few months later, after conversation with my physiotherapist, I was advised to get a good balanced multipurpose shoe as I started walking more with my prosthetic leg.

At the end of September 2021 I began looking around for a good shoe and emailed various companies but with no response. I came across Hi-Tec on Instagram and left a message to which they responded immediately requesting my contacts. The very next day, I was contacted by a Hi-Tec staff member who said they were prepared to help me. In that week Hi-Tec sponsored me with a pair of Geo-Trail Pro Low shoes.

This is how Hi-Tec started walking with me on my Diabetic Amputee journey.

The very first time I put the Geo-Trail Pro Low on my foot, I instantly found it to be very a comfortable fit and fitting it on my prosthetic foot was absolutely no problem. Walking around in my home, I felt zero discomfort with the soft landing lightweight GEO foam and had secured grip at all times. The versatile fit solidly supports and protects my foot along with my stump, as one experiences shock absorption when placing your prosthetic leg one-step at a time. My knees felt good and there is plenty of room for my toes as a diabetic.

The Geo-Trail Pro Low really performed well at physiotherapy, on the road and on a hike with all its design comforts.

Looking for shoes as a diabetic amputee is very difficult, but knowing that there is a brand that satisfies my needs with everything is really mind blowing.


By: Salih Hendricks 

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