We have launched the Hi-Tec One campaign, an initiative dedicated to progress and doing better. Established from one of its core values which speaks to sustainability and the commitment to using the power of the brand to protect the environment.

There is only one planet earth, sky, ocean, nature and as people Hi-Tec believes we all have a responsibility to make eco-friendly choices. The Hi-Tec One initiative contributes meaningfully to Hi-Tec’s sustainability commitments and its ongoing drive to reduce carbon emissions and minimise the impact of operations on the environment.

With the increasing desire from consumers for more eco-friendly shopping, Hi-Tec will be rolling out a number of eco-friendly initiatives including in-store activities and online.


Hi-Tec is setting out to put environmental concerns on the front page and raising public awareness around recycling materials, the environment and the links between pollution and public health.

Selected Hi-Tec stores will have dedicated areas showcasing the Hi-Tec One initiative where customers can get involved and obtain more information around upcoming activities. One of the activities that customers can look forward to in-store and online will be the “Spin The Earth” activation, allowing them to stand a chance to win amazing prizes when they spend R899 or more in designated stores or online.


As one of South Africa’s leading outdoor footwear, apparel, and accessories retailer, Hi-Tec is on a journey to do better by creating ethical and sustainable outdoor wear. “Climate change is an overwhelming issue looming over our heads, but there are ways we can minimise our damage. A good step to take towards reducing our carbon footprint is opting for sustainably sourced fabrics.” says Louise White, Integrated Brand Manager at Hi-Tec South Africa.

Hi-Tec One signals an innovative turn for the brand, as the latest puffer jackets and hiking boots for men and women contain recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. Each of the above puffer jackets consists of 26 recycled water bottles to fill the jackets and also features labelling on the inside indicating product content information.

The brand is using a renewable fiber called Repreve which is 100% recycled polyester fiber. Repreve is made from sustainably sourced post-consumer plastic water bottles. Using recycled instead of virgin polyester produces fewer emissions and gives plastic bottles a second life which keeps them out of oceans and landfills. Another benefit of Repreve is that it is water-repellant, strong and resilient, stretchy, wrinkle-resistant, and lightweight.


The campaign will also feature Hi-Tec partnering with local South Africans who are passionate and integrate sustainability into their everyday lives. This strategic partnership is grounded in the shared values with locals and it will include a series of sustainability-focused projects through education and environmental awareness.

The brand will be teaming up with actor and adventurer Ivan Zimmermann who is best-known through his various characters on TV shows such as 7de Laan and his long-standing role on Egoli. Zimmermann has an adventurous side that many might not know about.

Armed with a mountain bike, a few supplies and a level of endurance that most people can’t even fathom, he has cycled all the way from Cairo to Cape Town totalling 12,000 kilometres to raise 12 000 food tins for the Can-o-Kilo initiative in 2015.

Hi-Tec’s core mission is to enable people to get outside and experience the natural world by providing top quality outdoor apparel – a perfect alignment of the partnership with Ivan as he shares the same values.

An increasing number of consumers want to know what their favourite brands are doing to support social and environmental issues and with the Hi-Tec One campaign they get to see and experience the change the brand is making.

“We constantly strive to do things better, more ethically and more sustainably. The Hi-Tec One campaign demonstrates forward-thinking that puts the good health of the environment and our local community first. By not only using sustainable recycled components in the garments but simultaneously ensuring that we as a people are the change we want to see.” concludes White.

The Hi-Tec One campaign launches Friday, 24 March across South Africa.

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