Hi-Tec Base Line Pro Review by Cape Podiatry

The Cape Podiatry team had the opportunity to test the Hi-Tec Base Line Pro in its natural habitat – the tennis court! The teams were made up of both male and female players, with varying experience levels and different foot shapes and footwear needs.

As podiatrists, we put a lot of emphasis on the first feel of the shoes. Your shoes should feel comfortable from the first time you try them on – do not rely on “breaking them in.” The sock liner features additional cushioning and shock absorption in the heel area and, paired with the light mesh upper, made for a very comfortable feel.

The sole provided good traction and stability, resisting torsional forces and allowing a steady heel strike. The lateral stability provided more rigid support while still cushioning the foot and absorbing ground force. The elastic inside the upper paired with proper lacing holds the foot in place and limits sliding forward.

The upper is breathable and keeps the foot cool while the sole provides insulation from the hot court surface. Shoe width is an important consideration as most South Africans have broader feet. The shoe comfortably accommodates a wider foot with the upper conforming to the foot shape. The downside of the volume over the forefoot is that those with narrow feet may not feel support from the upper.

Another feature that is often overlooked is the depth of the heel cup. The Base Line Pro has sufficient depth and space to comfortably accommodate custom foot orthoses and insoles. We would have appreciated the extra lacing eyelet to lock in the heel, especially in patients who wear insoles with heel raises.

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