Fun places to take your kids for the holidays

As humans, we live for experiences. We work for the majority of the 365 days in the year only to look forward to those end of year holidays. For kids, this is not any different. Just like adults, they work hard and fully deserve a holiday break filled with fun experiences, especially after the lack of travel caused by the Covid_19 pandemic. Based on your location and willingness to travel, we’ve outlined some of the best places to take your kids for the upcoming holiday.

uShaka Marine World


uShaka Marine world is an outstanding aquarium and waterpark based in KwaZulu Natal with incredible views and unlimited activities including an amusement park, water rides, ocean life and fun shows for kids. This particular destination is perfect for December, with endless sunshine and lots of opportunities to enjoy fresh and salt water. uShaka Marine World is a “must-experience” for anyone living in South Africa.    

Fun Fact: uShaka Marine World is voted Africa’s largest marine theme park.

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Blue Rock Cable Waterski Resort


The perfect spot to relax and soak in the December summer sun, Blue Rock, a fantastic recreational park based in the Western Cape offers you so much fun! Activities for adults and children include; water skiing, slaloming, and knee boarding, stand up paddling, canoeing, and diving, as well as paintball, fufi slides, volleyball and picnics. Blue Rock Cable Waterski is an ideal place to bring the whole family for a day, offering healthy outdoor fun. It is only open for the summer season which adds to the anticipation.

Fun Fact: The “Blue Rock Quarry” was named for the building aggregate which was quarried there in the past which was closed and is now used as a fun park that includes water sports.

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Sun City


When you talk about bucket lists in South Africa, Sun City has to be on there. Home to the Valley of the waves, this extraordinary holiday destination has it all and is the best resort in South Africa. Top activities for kids include; quad bike safaris, Sun City water world, lost city maze, putt-putt, augmented reality and so much more. With so many options available, your kids will have endless amounts of fun and create magical childhood memories.

Fun Fact: Sun City was built in the heart of an extinct volcano in 1979.

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Maselspoort Resort & Conference Centre


Maselspoort is a resort that is very necessary in the Free State, because we all know how hot it gets during the summer season. This welcomed edition to the to area offers so much fun activities for adults and kids, with an incredible super tube and swimming pool to cool off in December. The venue also alternative attractions such as miniature golf, tennis and volleyball courts, trampolines, angling for bonding sessions as well as Boyden Observatory, which is an astronomical research station and a science education centre. With more than enough to do and see at Maselspoort Report, this is one of the best holiday destinations for the upcoming holiday.         

Fun Fact: Maselspoort is located in an area called “Transgariep”- a barren, dry area making this resort so much more important to the Free State. 

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South Africa is filled with fun activities, and our kids deserve the best. Make this December memorable by capturing every single moment and don’t forget that we offer a brand new range of kids footwear and accessories to keep them from being sun burnt, comfortable and stylish for the summer season. 

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