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Nicole Wyngaard’s day seems to have more hours than the normal 24. With a full-time job, full-time side-hustle and an overactive biweekly hiking group to run, she still manages to be a functioning sociable human on the side too. 


Life hasn’t dealt her an easy hand, but this lady knows how to pick herself up in any situation. Part of her mantra is to get on with things, and do what you love. And when Nicole Wyngaard commits to something, she goes full tilt. 

When she was ten years old she told her grandfather that she would bake him an Arsenal cake for his 80th birthday. Eighteen years later she kept that promise. She learned how to bake and decorate and eventually this childhood promise led to her side business – You’ve been baked – a baking company that she operates from her kitchen. She bakes on evenings and weekends. She bakes for charities and bake sales. She teaches people how to bake. And she bakes as an escape. 

A genuine love for trails and the outdoors fuels all this fire. Whether she’s running through the Bo-Kaap’s colourful streets, sprinting up the Fanwalk stairs or jogging on the Pipetrack – Cape Town’s outdoors makes everything fall into place.


Being who she is, she started Trail Life SA a few years ago: A free hiking club for anybody who lives in Cape Town and doesn’t want to hike alone. 

Her group gathers twice a week to hike and spend time together in nature. It’s important that they always summit. This sense of achievement is a shared reward that the hikers carry with them for the rest of the week. It gives them release, and it makes them dream about the next peak. This is a lady who has shaped her life so that she can be near the trail.

It’s the great outdoors that completes her very busy puzzle.

Written By: AWEMYBRU

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