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Martin Coetzee

Pit Track

February 14, 2021

Pit Track, Never Out The Fight

Pit Track, a registered NPC, is a specialised K-9 conservation and anti-poaching unit made up of highly skilled, passionate and dedicated operators, members and corporate affiliates, who have devoted their lives to the preservation of all water, flora, fauna and animals with prioritization to endangered species. Magnum, a sub-division of Hi-Tec Sports, have been supporting the team since 2019 with state-of-the-art security boots and gear.

Pit Track’s goal is to never out the fight and they do this with a new approach to Ranger Security, i.e. training their rangers accordingly in all conservational ranger security requirements. This has proved to be most effective in reserves where they can perform both functions of Ranger Security & Anti-Poaching. 

Their K9’s are their eyes, ears, noses and companions in the bush. The K-9 function in an anti-poaching unit is irreplaceable by man or machine; their ability to follow scent allows their operators to sprint on follow ups, locate poachers and apprehend suspects for their APU. 

The team is permanently deployed in:

  • Greater Kruger National Park
  • APNR - Association of Private Nature Reserves
  • Care For Wild Rhino Orphanage in Nelspruit
  • Zululand Rhino Orphanage and Conservation Trust
  • Kevin Richardson Foundation and Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pit-Track also provides support to anti-poaching units and authorities country wide
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Pit Track 1

Frank’s (Hi-Tec Founder) love for the great outdoors & wild-life, has been the cornerstone in Hi-Tec’s social, community development & upliftment. The Pit Track team’s dedication to South Africa’s fight against poaching syndicates, destroying our South African heritage, grabbed the attention of Hi-Tec CEO, Gary De Voge. As such, Hi-Tec has made numerous contributions towards Pit Track since then. In November 2019, 22 security boots (Magnum Lynx Desert Tan), backpacks & socks were sponsored to the Pit Track staff based in Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary & Timbavati Nature Reserve. Another 25 pairs plus accessories were sponsored on World Ranger Day 2020. 

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Jaco Oosthuizen, Hi-Tec Representative, hands over the team’s most recent sponsorship.

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Pit Track 2

For more information on Pit Track visit their Facebook page @pittrackk9

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