The Wondrous Way of the Welling Wine Walk

Wine walk. I think that’s all my invitation needed to say. Hiking is my soul food and wine is a passionate hobby. I’ve hiked in alps and across countries, and have tried to learn about wines from all slopes and islands, so just the prospect of a trek where I could booze under the supervision of trained guides seemed like the surest success story imaginable.


Of course, it gets better. The Wellington Wine Walk is not just your average hike. This is slackpacking deluxe. You don’t have to carry your bag and it gets chauffeured to your next historical Huguenot home while you enjoy the stroll there and get to meet some of the area’s richest characters along the way. You leave with a feeling that you are now connected to the beautiful vine-covered valleys in a more profound way as the stories you hear and the people you meet colour in the pretty surrounds with memorable lessons and experiences.

When the favourite wines ordered along the way arrive delivered to your door post-hike, you can sit back and not just have a glass, but feel a warm sense of friendly familiarity with the area. You met some of its legends, and they welcomed you into their homes. …and fed you boegoe brandy at 9am.


The details of the options and routes are available on the organisers website, and I won’t mention them here as they do change periodically. Farms change hands, buildings burn down. But the Wellington wine valley’s beauty and history remains, and is there for anyone to experience.

Get all the details on their website:

Let’s talk gear.


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Women enjoying wine


Written by Konrad Raubenheimer

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