The Good Machine: Gita Amber Carroll

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“People and planet are hurting and need healing”, says Gita when asked about why she does it. It is a big task for a girl from Hopefield. One of the hardest parts of creating a positive impact is getting businesses and individuals to make the conscious decision to help their communities.

Gita founded The Good Machine where she works with influential leaders to help them build their social impact footprint. She has crafted her work around one central question: How can we, as individuals, do better?

Gita wants to save the oceans. She wants to save the rhinos. She wants to feed communities, educate children and help victims of violence. Gita and her team of professional “Kindness Curators” are helping both for-profit companies and non-profits navigate the new world of social impact in all of these areas.

She’s crafted a company and a life true to her causes, and she balances her high-paced job with spending as much time in nature as possible. That’s why she lives in Kalk Bay – close to the ocean and close to the mountains.

When she’s not out trying to save the world, she can be found free diving in the African Kelp forests, running on the fynbos slopes of Table Mountain or star gazing in the Cederberg. Nature heals her. Nature inspires her. The world needs more kind-hearted headstrong people like Gita.

Written By: AWEMYBRU

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