Tackling Trails in Cape Town

As an avid outdoor enthusiast and love of the mountains, a large portion of my days is spent exploring new trails, finding waterfalls, finding access to caves, and running for hours at a time pushing my body to new limits.

As a Cape Tonian, I’m used to running on Table Mountain. The trails on Table Mountain range from rocky technical running, to smooth, runnable trails to marshy areas. The areas change from beach sand to mud to forests, to ladders, boardwalks, and dam walls. The majority of the trails are rather technical and rocky which causes a lot of stress on one’s feet and knees.

I have run in many shoes over the years but what has been standing out for me, primarily, with the new Geo Trail Pro shoes is the comfort and protection over these harsh conditions. It feels like the cushion has been well design to absorb these hard surfaces which also helps when the pressure on your feet runs up into your knees. The cushion is however not over the top which makes you feel like you’re still in control and can navigate the ground under your feet.

The second major point for me was the grips. The Geo Trail Pro shoes have been holding up on some slippery surfaces but stay runnable. Some shoes have too much grip causing the to almost feel like they are hooking on the ground and holding you back. The Geo Trail Pro’s have enough grip to stop you from sliding but not enough to be getting in the way when you find your rhythm on runnable trails.

This shoe is the best bang for your buck on the trail market right now. I would highly recommend it for any beginner to a high-end intermediate runner looking to run up to 10-15kms on the trails.

By Chris Joubert

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