Nature Might Be The Cure for Digital Fatigue

Here’s How Being Outdoors Benefits Your Wellbeing 

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified burnout as a ‘syndrome’. Burnout is caused by immense workplace stress that has not been managed well. It can cause emotional, mental and physical exhaustion, as well as reduce your productivity. This led us to contemplate our self-care practices, fitness and the importance of unplugging from things that can cause stress. 

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With our phones alerting us about our screen time and notifications about deadlines, it’s evident that ‘offline is the new luxury’. We’re challenging you to abandon your phone for a while and get outside wearing a pair of Ravus Quest walking boots

Is Your Online Connection Contributing to Your Wellbeing?

When was the last time you checked the weather by the way it feels on your skin instead of checking a weather app? Why not prioritise time in nature for your wellbeing? Being outside and in nature can have many positive effects on your emotional and physical health; like reducing your blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension. Did you know that even just viewing scenes of nature could reduce anger, fear and stress? So, consider a walk along Table Mountain Pipe Track to escape the city-life bustle.  

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Hyper-productivity Isn’t Always an Indication of Success

Today, success and status are measured by how busy you are, but what if you spent a few minutes a day creating a new habit, instead? Disconnect from your norm and instead get your friends together for a sunrise walk or meditation. Recognising your thoughts and being aware of yourself is the first step in meditation and figuring out what works for you, but if a nature walk is more up your alley, all you need are a few good friends and the ultimate outdoor shoes

Be Conscious of Your Time

We are reflecting on the nature-deficit disorder mentioned by author Richard Louv in his book titled Last Child In The Woods. By now we know that staying close to nature has many positive effects, so why not set a huge goal to register for a trail run? In preparation for this, you’ll experience a new challenge, be immersed in your surroundings and improve your overall health. Be sure to consult the necessary professionals before undertaking your training and opt for a great pair of shoes with an M-D Traction outsole that improves grip when walking both up and downhill. 

Being in nature could help you deal with burnout. Grab a pair of Ravus Quest walking boots for the ultimate comfort and let outdoor explorations begin. These boots have a full-grain leather upper with synthetic trim and breathable mesh underlay to provide a secure and comfortable fit. It also features a gusseted tongue that keeps debris out and a soft mesh lining that provides instant comfort. 

WRITER: Muneeba Boltman 

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