Mischke – The Solo Traveller

Travelling alone is said to be liberating. Partly because doing so for extended periods of time requires courage. Conquering this fear is the start of the journey to Adventure. 

It is a simple fact that there just aren’t that many solo female travellers out there. It is also a fact that women have slightly different concerns than men when taking the road alone. But stigmas and fear are often just that, and we can do with more women showing how travelling alone can be safe and enjoyable, let alone rewarding.

Mischke Bosse hit the road when the lease on her flat ran out. She could keep doing her job remotely, so she cruised the country for a year, often camping and staying alone. She got so much out of the experience that she has made it a mission to encourage others to get out there. Luckily she’s a photographer and freelance media specialist, so she’s getting the cause some attention. 

Mischke was on the road for almost a year, and while you might think that you need a table to work from, she has grown her freelance business during this time.  She isn’t under the illusion that her act of solo travelling is heroic, but finds it equally annoying that people think a woman travelling on her own is remarkable. It’s what forces her to keep speaking up. It’s a small voice about a perhaps small step, but any voice that keeps the message ringing that women can do whatever they want is singing the right harmony.

Mischke’s favourite drive was the N7 from Cape Town to the Namibian border. Must be all that nothingness. This writer prefers more scenery in his scenery, and will therefore rather take her second favourite drive – the old seven passes between George and the Garden Route.

The spirit of adventure in all of us feels that living on the South African road is just that – an adventure. Mischke is showing many the way. The outdoors beckons.

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