Light Hikers — Shoes for Trail & Town

Transition shoes that are great for the trail and perfect in town, save on space and budget.

What is the perfect shoe for daily errands around town and a quick adventure on the trail close to home? They are out there, let’s take a closer look.

We all know the deal: there are shoes for this and there are shoes for that. The car boot or the day-pack heading into town has more gear in it than any of us wish to carry around. Yip, why have more shoes than necessary when a transition shoe that works well on trail and looks good in the city does the trick too?

These shoes are lighter than the usual hiking boot, offer less structure and are usually more breathable and designed to fit in with more style. Hi-Tec has a number of shoes that make the perfect combo for trail and town. We take a look at four that fit the bill.

Lightweight Style

V-Lite OX Trail Racer

V-Lite OX Trail Racer

The OX-Trail Racer is a lightweight shoe focused on quality and performance. Its design stands out giving that outdoor athlete look to city wear for summer days.

When it comes to the trails, it is perfect for those lighter trails close to home — great for a walk or light run after work. The flex grooves built-in enhance the natural motion of our feet making it an ideal trail runner.

With a high-performance nylon upper and a no-sew support structure it allows for stability and a super snug fit. We like the elastic lace and toggle for easy on and off comfort too. The full black version is perfect for the city.


We love this one, as it’s essentially a trail runner, but perfect for light hikes with its great grip and light weight. Its breathability gives it the edge.

Winter Winner

V-Lite Shift

V-Lite Shift – by brendon_wainwright

This ultra-light durable boot is perfect for rougher trails and combines The V-innovative materials for less weight and higher performance outdoors.

More of a winter boot that works well on heavy weather days in the city thanks to its i-Shield and water repellent technology for additional protection. Its high-performance nylon upper allows for stability and a snug fit too.


For day hikes in winter this one does the trick. More stability, yet light weight and clean lines.

Day Trail and City Slicker



Active lifestyle is written all over this design.

Not sure about mid-week trail walks just yet? This is a perfect option if you’re only getting into hiking, this active shoe is the ideal starting point, with its external heel stabiliser system and rubber outsole for grip and stability, plus those bright multi-directional lugs — we love it.


The Condor is all you need for your daily activities where you are on the move and on your feet a lot. The lace pocket keeps those bad boys neatly out of the way. And that it comes in a Ladies version makes it a winner all round.
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Outdoorsy and Clean Lines



We love the Jaguar’s features and especially its more muted colour options that are both classic and understated, but if you want that sporty look it covers that base too.

No compromise with this one when it comes to durability and stability in the outdoors. The moisture wicking lining keeps feet dry and comfortable. This design is made to last thanks to a carbon rubber outsole that provides superior traction for adventure days on the trail or uneven terrain around the city block.


We love this choice for its durability and its price to value offering is a winner.
Finding the perfect all-round outdoor transition shoe that can easily cross from trail to city life, that is affordable, stylish and durable, can change your whole approach to outdoor footwear. The ones we have profiled here are for shorter urban trails and the demands of the city.

By: Galeo Saintz

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