Ladies Tech ¼ zip fleece


The highlight of our 13 Peaks weekend!

I can’t even make this up.

The Hi-Tec ¼ zip fleece pull over! What an incredible outdoor item for the cooler seasons.

Versatile, I wrapped it around my waist for the full duration of 35 hours of hiking. A few crew members easily folded it and tucked it into their bags. There was only so much weight one could carry on a full day of hiking. The light weight of this garment is incredible!

You leave home with the Hi-Tec ¼ zip fleece pull over on. It is cold and fresh outside, and the suns not up yet. You cannot wear too thick a coat because you need to maintain a good body heat temperature before I summit the mountain. It was my Hi-Tec ¼ zip fleece pull over that I grabbed each morning for 3 days.

In winter we have our laundry who as for trying to get clothing dry on the same day. I washed my Hi-Tec ¼ zip fleece pull over 3 times and the material dried overnight! Talk about convenience!

Once I started summiting, I could easily if necessary, stop and remove the pull over and wrap it around my waist. It wasn’t bulky and of course didn’t add extra weight. Once I got to the top of the mountain and with every summit thereafter, as my body temperature cooled down at the stops, I could immediately flip the Hi-Tec ¼ zip fleece pull over back on, which retained my heat.

I love the variety of colours, my hiking crew looked so sleek in them. The ¼ zip gave me the extra option for ventilation, giving me the option to let some cool air in. This pullover is so accessible to any lifestyle , pilates, walking, hiking, gym and just casual wear even.

This is what you call an investment buy!


Blog by: Nicole Wyngaard

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