Ladies Flen II jacket – I’m sold!

The colour, is so trendy right now



Its the first compliment I have been getting whenever I wear the jacket. I love how the sleeve has the elastic cuff at the end, every little detail that breaks the cold from creeping in. That includes the zipper, comfortably hugging my neck as I swing over the hoodie on to my head.

The full length zip gives me the option to let some cool air in underneath the thermo-tec heat retention insulation. I cannot wait to test the thermo-tec heat retention on my hiking overnight winter hike coming up.

Other than the colour being the first topic of discussion, I actually feel like I am a part of a global environmental positive change, as I talk about the insulation made from recycled plastic bottles.

The jacket, I find is diverse to my lifestyle. I have worn it immediately after my 13 Peak Challenge recently, so it kept me warm after exercise.

I have dressed it up casually to a social setting. At the end of July, I cannot wait to take it with me on my overnight weekend hike.

Another favourite of mine is that this ladies jacket has a bag which is attached to the inside label which I can fold up for easy compressed storage when not I am not wearing it. I can see how easy it will store from a bulky item to a tiny bag! As a woman, this feature gives me more space to pack my other Hi-Tec gear in any of my overnight bags and even so in my everyday tote hand bag. Upon testing the jacket in the store bag, I shoved it in the bag, I did not fold it, and when I removed it a day later from the bag to check the crease, within minutes it was as good as the puffer jacket just before I put it in the bag.

Pockets, pockets, pockets! I have too many favourites about my Ladies Flen II jacket. The less I carry the better. If I don’t have to wear a bag I wont. With my Ladies Flen II jacket, I have an inner pocket, for convenience and safety of course. And then I get to put my hands comfortably on the two outside pockets. What more could I ask for on a functional jacket.

Overall, its stylish, versatile, light weight, I am usually a small size, but I recommend a size bigger which is the one that I am wearing. The shape doesn’t make me look bigger, and its comfortable, I haven’t fussed with the jacket once I put it on.

Written by: Nicole Wyngaard


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