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The outdoors is calling, but unless you are a regular hiker getting the right gear can be a daunting experience. A week ago, my son, Ashton and I headed out on a multi-day hike to Injisuthi in Drakensberg. We used the opportunity to put some Hi-Tec gear through its paces. Here’s our Hi-Tec Hiking Gear Review.

Our Multi-day Hike

Ash & I planned 4 glorious days in Injisuthi, with the caves serving as our place of accommodation each night. The weather didn’t look promising, therefore we needed to be prepared for whatever mother nature had instore for us. Dressed in our Hi-Tec gear we headed out to adventure and explore the beautiful Drakensberg.


Apparel from Hi-Tec

Has an extensive range of apparel, footwear and accessories for men and women. We tried out 2 different fleece tops, 2 different styles of hiking boots and the trekking socks that Hi-Tec generously sent over to us. We also tried out the peak caps, warm hats and fitness outfits which I couldn’t resist purchasing.

Hi-Tec Ladies Weekender Fleece

Officially my fav hoodie after putting it through its paces. The Ladies Weekender Fleece is a lightweight and warm fleece pullover, it is ideal as a layer for those colder mornings and nights. It features a full zip for that added ventilation you need as well as a hood to keep your head and neck region warm. I’m all about a hoodie and the Ladies Weekender Fleece is probably the reason I got any sleep when we spent the night in Grindstone Cave. I love that the fleece doesn’t have a seam running across one’s shoulder. This plays a huge roll in reducing friction on your shoulders from the backpack straps rubbing on the seams.

The Men’s Henis Fleece Jacket

The Men’s Henis Fleece Jacket is great for colder days and nights in the outdoors. It has a full-length zip and is super comfy. Like the ladies fleece the full zip ensures added ventilation and has two pockets. Unlike the Ladies Weekender Fleece, this jacket has a seam that runs across your shoulders but didn’t create any issues for the guys.


Altitude V Hiking Boot Review

A few years ago I had a freak accident and broke my right foot, which has plagued me ever since. I love adventuring and the outdoors, but at the end of every adventure I’m in pain and my foot swells excessively. The Altitude V hiking boots gave me the necessary cushioning and ankle support I needed to tackle a multi-day hike. Constructed for the ultimate hiker with design features that include a waterproof leather upper that provides durability and comfort and Dri-Tec waterproof, breathable membrane to keep your feet dry. Drakensberg with its multitude of waterfalls, natural pools and river crossings was the ideal place to test this hiking boot. The boot maintained its structural integrity even when soaked after zig-zagging our way across the river to make our way to Marble Baths.


Hi-Tec Men’s GEO Trail Pro Vent Mid Hiking Boot

The guys tried out the Hi-Tec Men’s GEO Trail Pro Vent Mid which is rather appealing to the eye. It really provided all the grip and comfort required to compete against the forces of mother nature and would be our go to for single day hikes. 


Hi-Tec Accessories

The caps were a last-minute impulse buy. The peak caps are available in black, olive and navy, and of course I went with black. Despite the impulse purchase, we are obsessed with the Hi-Tec caps. They served their purpose for sure, and it is one of the items we used daily. Surprisingly enough the peak cap design ensured that we didn’t burn on our faces despite the sun baking down on us. I froze in the evening so was ever so grateful for the Harpoon Beanies. It kept us warm and snug during those cold evenings and early mornings.

The trekking socks come with a reinforced toe and heel. We found them to be extremely comfortable over the 30km we had hiked. The rib-top ensured that your socks stayed in place. Nothing worse than socks that slide down while you are attempting a tough hike. The socks are thick which helps prevent your feet from sliding around in your boots.

Our Final Verdict

All in all, Hi-Tec Hiking Gear is very well priced, comfortable, and inclusive. I love that they have a range of boots to accommodate hikers from Light Hiking Boots to Technical Hiking Boots. I was impressed with the quality and design of their offering which lead to the purchase of the active wear that accommodates plus-sized women.


By: Natasha Kisten

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