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HI-TEC® is proud to announce the launch of the Freedom Shared campaign. With this campaign and the release of the HI-TEC® Freedom 67s sneaker, the London-born heritage brand pays tribute to South Africa’s late president, his long walk to freedom and the legacy he left behind.

President Mandela spent much of this time in a modest pair of HI-TEC® tennis shoes. Fighting for freedom, so that one day we may all be free, especially the beloved children of South Africa. When the sneakers came up for auction in 1996 to benefit the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Frank van Wezel, founder of HI-TEC did not hesitate to place the winning bid for the pair. Van Wezel, who shared enormous admiration for the late President Mandela explained, “our shoes were on the feet of the person who had written ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ and his walk included our sneakers”. In December 2019, Van Wezel felt it was time to return the sneakers to their rightful home in South Africa. The original shoes are now housed in a glass casing at HI-TEC’s concept store near Cape Town.

The relaunch of the these sneakers pays tribute to the great man who created a new free future for all, by investing in the kids of tomorrow. The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF) was founded by President Mandela in 1995. Its mission is to address the challenges the children of South Africa face on a daily basis. “The number one goal and priority of this campaign is raising funds for the NMCF” says Andrea Engelbrecht, Head of Marketing of HI-TEC® South Africa.

A limited release of 67 pairs of the HI-TEC® Freedom Grails 67s have been gifted to freedom ambassadors to both donate to the NMCF and raise awareness of President Mandela’s legacy and the “Freedom Shared” campaign. A further 1200 pairs of the Tier 1 Freedom 67s will be released, followed by 2000 pairs of the Tier 2 Freedom 67s.

“Mr. Nelson Mandela wanted freedom for all, and with this in mind, we wanted to make this sneaker available to the greater South Africa, so everyone may feel empowered to walk in his shoes. However, staying true to our cause, we have pledged to donate a portion of each pair sold to the NMCF. In addition, Hoorah Digital has pledged R50 000 for a pair of the 67s, so we may also make a small difference.” says Simon Spreckley, Chief Creative Officer of Hoorah Digital Consulting.

HI-TEC® and its ambassadors are welcoming the world to walk with them and to #KeepFreedomShared by supporting the campaign and donating to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund – keeping President Nelson Mandela’s legacy alive: To continue to create freedom for others, including children. In the words of Madiba himself, “The purpose of freedom is to create it for others.”

Register 12 July to enter the HI-TEC® Freedom 67 Auction. Tier 1 will be released in Archive & Sportscene stores this August.

On 18 July, Mandela Day 2021, pair 67/67 will be auctioned to raise funds for the
Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

Walk with us.

Register to bid:

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