Be The Difference

In 2021, Hi-Tec has proudly partnered with an extraordinary organisation, the Be The Difference Foundation (BTDF). The BTDF is a non-profit aimed to empower the lives of South African children through education, nutrition and sport.   

Established by Granthem Abrahams in Cape Town in May 2014, the BTDF team are determined in bringing positive change for children and their respective families in their  local community.  Backed by well-known Springbok rugby players the foundation has achieved enormous recognition for the success rate of its programmes. The foundation runs 3 different socio-economic programs namely,  Development through Sports, Educational Development and Nutritional Development. “We are committed to walk a journey with our community youth to help them reach their full potential regardless of their personal circumstances”, says Granthem. 

Hi-Tec believes it all starts with education. “Our mission is to enable the world to enjoy the freedom of being outside. It’s through education we hope to make a difference in the conservation of our environment, inherently enabling our communities to enjoy the active outdoors. We are in it for the long run”, says Gary de Vogel, Hi-Tec South Africa, CEO. The brand pledges to make a cash donation per Jacket sold within their own retail stores. All proceeds will be directed to the education arm of BTDF, which is a comprehensive scholarship program focussing on support in mentorship, academic and leadership development.  

The brand will also contribute to the Foundation’s nutrition programme and ensure the BTDF team is kitted out comfortably for the winter months. The brand urges everyone to get involved in supporting the foundation. Keep an eye on Hi-Tec’s online channels or visit to find out how.  

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